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Welcome to
Tourwise of London

Who Are We?

Tourwise of London Ltd is a member of an international travel organisation referred to as The Globus Family of Brands which specialises in inclusive holidays. Our offices are located at Avalon House, 72 Lower Mortlake Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 2JY.

We handle all the travel arrangements in London, the UK and Ireland for Globus, Cosmos and Monograms guests who have booked their vacations overseas. The British "Cosmos" holiday company is located in Bromley and is run completely separately to Tourwise of London Ltd.

The majority of our guests are from the USA, but we also handle significant numbers from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and India.

Overseas, Globus and Cosmos are the English-speaking world's largest operators of escorted tours of Europe.

Globus, which operates around twice the volume of Cosmos, is the first class (generally 4 star) market and Cosmos the tourist (3 star) market. Monograms features worldwide city stays and is specifically designed for independent travellers.

Globus and Cosmos tour itineraries range from 7 to 25-day tours of the British Isles and 1 to 5-week tours of Europe to countries as far apart as Finland, Russia, Turkey, Portugal and Morocco. Globus and Cosmos are also major operators of tours in the United States and Canada, Africa, Australia and the South Pacific, South America and also China and the Orient.

Our main season is from the end of March until early October. A team of uniformed Local Hosts is employed for the main summer season; the majority of these Local Hosts are based at our London contract hotels, providing our guests with first-class customer service, assistance in joining tours, and promoting and selling our in-house sightseeing excursion programme.

Some Local Hosts are also based at Heathrow airport to provide meet and greet servicing and to ensure that our guests are transferred to their London hotel with the minimum delay.

We have large allocations of rooms spread between several hotels located in Hammersmith, Kensington, Westminster, Waterloo and Edgware Road. Guests who have booked a touring vacation stay in London for an average of two nights at the start of their tour and one night prior to flying home, but we also handle longer city stay programmes.

London Local Hosts

The London Local Host team creates the first and last impression of the company and is run to airline standards with American service expectations aimed for at all times. Sales, administrative and/or cash handling experience is useful when applying to be a Local Host.

We recruit people from across a wide range of backgrounds. Some are from customer service professions, some have been overseas representatives who wish to settle in London, and some are from the performing arts. Many of our Local Hosts are graduates, seeking useful work experience for their future careers. People looking for a change in career direction or taking time out from a long-term occupation make up a significant percentage of the team. Many applicants take this opportunity to work in London for the first time.

Each day is stimulating, and each season passes all too quickly. The company is progressive, professional and fair and it is a career asset to say that you have worked for Globus / Cosmos in London.

Our Local Hosts are required to be:


  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Well groomed
  • Of friendly disposition
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Exemplary at timekeeping and attendance
  • Able to speak English fluently
  • Willing to exceed customer expectations
  • Knowledgeable about London, its attractions and transport network
  • Fully understanding of the company products


We are currently recruiting for three categories of Local Host:

Globus and Cosmos Hotel Local Hosts

are responsible for the smooth running of our Globus and Cosmos hotel hospitality desks. Guests are welcomed on arrival at the hotel and provided with verbal and written information about their stay in London. Globus and Cosmos guests usually have 1 or 2 days in London before departing on their tour of Britain and Ireland or Continental Europe. Local Hosts ensure that our departures from the hotel for excursions, joining tours and outbound airport transfers run smoothly and promptly. They escort guests on their transportation to and from St. Pancras and King’s Cross stations.

They also promote and sell our in-house optional excursions, and provide host services, including giving directions for public transport, advising on places of interest to visit, and restaurant recommendations etc. A certain amount of manual administrative preparation has to be carried out in advance of arrivals.

Monograms Local Hosts

are responsible for the welcoming and care of our Monograms guests throughout their stay in London. Monograms guests have longer stays in London than Globus and Cosmos guests and therefore have more available free time. You will escort them to and from Central London stations where many of their tours begin and end. You will be their local expert, proactively helping to maximise their time to ensure they get the most enjoyment out of their vacation. Give them personal hints and recommendations labelled with a friendly, hospitable and professional attitude. Create lasting memories and be the reason they choose to travel with Monograms again. A good knowledge of London, its attractions and transport infrastructure, is an advantage for this position.

Airport Local Hosts

based at London Heathrow airport are responsible for welcoming Globus, Cosmos and Monograms guests from their flights. Flight arrival times have to be confirmed, and any necessary changes to pre-booked transport for these guests must be arranged. Airport Local Hosts liaise with our transportation companies, our operations department, and with their contacts at the airport. While guests are waiting for their transfer vehicle, airport Local Hosts make recommendations about our optional excursion programme.

Local Host FAQ's

Does it matter where I live?

Hotel Local Hosts must be able to access public transport as all our London contract hotels are located close to convenient transport links. Local Hosts must be mindful of weekend and early morning timetables.

Airport Local Hosts must live near London Heathrow airport, and have easy access by public transport or by car.

Timekeeping and attendance are of paramount importance, and offers of employment are subject to confirmation of access to public transport. Those relocating to London must arrange suitable accommodation before commencing the training course.

Where would I be working?

Local Hosts are usually allocated to one workplace team for the entire season, usually dictated by where they live.

Hotel Local Hosts work in small teams, providing cover at 1 - 2 hotels.

Airport Local Hosts are based at London Heathrow airport and do not usually accompany our guests on their transfer to their London hotel.

What is the period of work?

Local Hosts returning for a subsequent season with us rejoin in stages from March onwards.

In 2018 the initial training for our new Local Hosts is Monday 9th April to Friday 20th April, with live rotas commencing on Monday 23rd April.

The contract termination date is Monday 1st October, although this may be extended, depending on business levels.

What hours will I work?

A schedule of individual rota days on and off for the whole season is provided at the end of the training period. Rotas detailing daily shift times and work location are issued on a weekly basis. All Local Hosts are scheduled one full Saturday and Sunday weekend off in four and all other days off will generally be on weekdays.

Hotel Local Hosts work 40 hours per week to provide daily hospitality desk cover from 7 am - 7 pm (and on occasions earlier than this to cover early departures).

A combination of shifts, usually 6 am - 2 pm, 7 am - 3 pm and 11 am - 7 pm are included on the weekly rota.

Airport Local Hosts based at London Heathrow airport work a 40-hour week to cover the period 5 am - 4 pm.

Will I be able to take a holiday?

A maximum of 1 week’s holiday can be taken during the main summer period subject to agreement with the Company.

May and August Bank Holidays are worked normally according to rota.

Tourwise of London Ltd complies with the European Union Working Time Directive in respect of paid holiday, and this is pro-rated to the period of employment taken at the end of the seasonal contract.

Do I sign a contract?

Yes, upon receipt of satisfactory references and successful completion of the training course.

First year Local Host contracts of employment commence on Monday 23rd April.

Earning Potential

Basic monthly salary for first year Local Hosts, working a 40-hour week, is £1,500 (gross annual equivalent £18,000). Local Hosts returning for a second or subsequent season receive a higher basic salary.

There is ample scope for overtime shifts, paid monthly in arrears. Many Local Hosts also choose to host our popular theatre evening excursions, and these hosts receive an overtime payment of £90 per evening, plus dinner.

Those Local Hosts who complete the full term of their contract of employment receive an end-of-season bonus. This bonus is calculated as a percentage of the total sales of London excursions, made by the Local Hosts, shared equally between the team. The first year Local Hosts' bonus equates to 5% of these London sales, Local Hosts in their second and subsequent seasons receive 7.5%. The end of season bonus commission is not a predetermined amount, as sales of our in-house optional excursion programme are the only source of this payment - the greater the sales, the higher the bonus! As a guide, in the last couple of years the average end of season bonus for a first year Local Host has been around £2,000.

Any Local Host who fails to complete their contract of employment, for whatever reason, automatically forfeits their entitlement to any share of the end-of-season bonus.

Salary and overtime payments are paid directly into your UK bank account at the end of each month, and all remunerations are subject to normal PAYE deductions.

As with most jobs, travelling costs to and from your normal place of work are not reimbursed.

It is not practical for Local Hosts to drive to their workplace - parking in central London is at a premium.

  • Basic Monthly

    Basic monthly salary for first year Local Hosts, working a 40-hour week, is £1,500.

  • Second Season

    Local Hosts returning for a second or subsequent season receive a higher basic salary.

  • Overtime

    As well as ample opportunities to earn overtime in your work location, Local Hosts can also receive an overtime payment of £90 per evening, plus dinner when escorting one of our Shownight excursions.

  • Excursion Bonus

    Bonus equates to 5% of these London sales. Local Hosts in their second and subsequent seasons get 7.5%.


A training course for the new team takes place in Richmond from Monday 9th April to Friday 20th April.


The training course includes classroom sessions teaching you about the company, its products, procedures and expectations.

Workplace Training

The training course includes practical sessions observing experienced Local Hosts working in the hotels and at the airport.


The training course is designed to be instructive and fun with participation on London excursions, visiting attractions such as
St. Paul’s Cathedral, Windsor Castle, The Tower of London
and seeing a West End theatre show.


A comprehensive training manual and copies of our tour brochures are provided in advance of the training course.


We monitor all new recruits throughout the training, homework revision is set each day.

Written Test

The written test is to evaluate your understanding of the training theory. All recruits are expected to achieve a minimum test score to proceed.


Our in-house colour is red; we really stand out in a crowd! Your overall smartness and appearance reflect the professionalism of our company, and also your attitude to the job.

Monograms Local Hosts are dressed in smart grey uniforms and are therefore easily identified by our Monograms guests.

Uniform is issued provided you have successfully completed the initial training course.

All Local Hosts must provide and adhere to wearing the style of shoes as specified by the company. We provide strict guidelines relating to wearing the uniform, including grooming and jewellery. Expenses for dry-cleaning of the uniform jacket, skirts, dresses, trousers and ties are reclaimable on a fortnightly cycle and we also provide a monthly allowance for ladies hosiery.


Having committed so much time and effort to the initial training, it is in our best interest to keep this knowledge within the company! Many of our Local Hosts relish the opportunity to work from March/April until October/November and then take time out to travel during the winter months.

Towards the end of the main season, dependent on business levels, we invite a small number of Local Hosts to work throughout the quieter winter period.

Senior members of the Local Host team who have progressed "through the ranks" take responsibility for the quality day-to-day servicing at our hotels and airport workplaces.

Our core of 20 operations and accounts staff based at our London office include many ex-Local Hosts. Other past employees have progressed on to successful careers within the travel and leisure industry as airline staff, as London Blue Badge guides, or as tour escorts in Britain, Ireland and overseas.


Recruitment for our 2018 season is now closed. Should you wish to contact Tourwise of London Ltd please contact